Bus Stop Scenery

I wait for the bus at the bottom of LaSalle Street, which is kind of a taken-for-granted scene.  In fact, you’re surrounded by notable and historical buildings, so many of them that the specialness of it all doesn’t even register.  Because, of course, we’re there everyday, waiting for the bus, still thinking about work, our feet tired.  Plus, that “commuter pride” thing kicks in—that wanting to appear blasé that proves you’re an insider, a work warrior, a city sophisticate—not a tourist or a rube.

Well, I’m into my camera, so while I’m waiting for the bus I take pictures anyway.  It’s hard to take pictures that do justice to the buildings that circle this scene: the Federal Reserve Building, the Rookery, the Art Deco Board of Trade, the beautiful Continental Chicago bank building.

This building, the Quincy Street el station, is a holdover from when the el was first built.  You used to be able to walk right down old Quincy Street to get to the station, but that was before 9/11.  Now the street is blocked and fortified to protect the Federal Reserve building to the left.  Still it’s nice to look down this alley and see the old station surrounded by modern buildings.

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