Halloween Trees

Creepy Trees I (Credit: Celia Her City)

Now that the trees are getting bare, you can see how weird and spooky some of them are.   No wonder Halloween brings to mind woods that are haunted and filled with spirits that are anguished and in pain.  I would not want to walk near these trees in the dark.

Creepy tree (Credit: Celia Her City)

This massive burr oak that stands on the edge of a bog in Indiana is one of the creepiest trees I’ve ever seen.  You can feel its sinister energy.

Do you have a good picture of a frightening tree?  I’d love to see it.

Happy Halloween,

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Sarah’s RIP

Lovers in front of Sarah's on one spring day, © 2012 Celia Her City

I was startled, walking down Oak Street the other day, to discover that the building that housed Sarah’s Pastries was gone.  There is an ugly hole in the block where it used to be.  Its demolition was part of the long-planned redevelopment of the Esquire Theater, a nearby doorman told me.

Sarah’s fare wasn’t the greatest, but its location was outstanding.  It was a place tourists didn’t know about, yet close enough to my haunts to be convenient.  I loved going there when I needed a respite from shopping.  It was great place to people-watch, a quiet refuge for the weary.

There a pair of lovers sat one fine spring day, this photograph the only vestige of an ephemeral scene.

Through the Loop

Through the Loop

I’m in the middle on the worry spectrum, but I do worry about safety when I’m in my car.  I worry about getting into an accident as a result of not noticing some subtle danger around me.  Tuned-out pedestrians, taxis, delivery trucks, and cyclists (like this one disregarding the traffic signal), add to the challenges of a drive through the Loop.  The trains that periodically rumble overhead don’t help matters any.

That there are not more accidents surprises me, yet I’ve read that there were something like 2,500 accidents involving pedestrians last year.

In Praise of the Drive

Along the Drive, © 2012 Celia Her CityIt’s all too easy to grow blasé about the city.  I live in a congested neighborhood, where any drive or commute can turn into a hassle; and, all too often, I start out on it stressed out or weary.

Regardless of my mood, I can never be entirely blasé when I’m on Lake Shore Drive.  Not only is it fun if you’re behind the wheel, but everything you see is absolutely beautiful: the architecture, the Lake itself, the parks and landscaping.  The Drive has a zillion moods and zones, and let’s not forget the people-watching. . . . The Drive is like a beautiful necklace adorning our city.

This panorama shows the path that the Drive follows on the near north side, as it threads along the Gold Coast, with the beach on one side.

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Somewhere in there is our beating heart

Even though Chicago is one of the great financial centers of the world, to an ordinary person it doesn’t feel that way.  In fact, the area right at the center of things, near the Board of Trade and the Federal Reserve, can be downright sleepy.  Chicago is essentially a city of quiet money.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Credit: Celia Her City)

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, on South LaSalle, © 2012 Celia Her City.

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