Above Medinah Temple

From above the Medinah Temple (Credit: Celia Her City)

Drove to Nordstrom’s the other day and had a hard time finding a parking spot in its deck.  I finally found something at the very top, but it was good luck! because I was treated to this marvelous view.  The dome and minarets are those of the old Medinah Temple.  It used to belong to the Shriners.  The circus was held there every year.  Now (after a complete overhaul inside) it houses the Bloomingdale’s Home Store.  Beyond it is a rooftop garden I never knew existed.

Mature rooftop garden (Credit: Celia Her City)

Judging from the size of the trees, it’s been in existence for many years.  This garden sits atop a big parking deck.  Note the lampposts and hardscaping.  A glimpse of the pool.  It’s pretty classy.

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