Turning the calendars

"April" in the Rifle Paper Press's "Cities" calendar

I still buy old-fashioned paper calendars for my home and office, ending up this year with three lovely ones, all designed by small US companies.  Yesterday I turned their pages to the new month.

At the office, I have a ‘cities’ calendar from the Rifle Paper Co..  Paris is, of course, the city of the month.

Snow & Graham desk calendar for 2013

For my desk at home, I use a small calendar made by Snow & Graham, which is a wonderful Chicago-based firm.  Besides calendars, they make all sorts of beautiful letter-press stationery and cards.  Stylized flowers are one of their specialties.  I’m always surprised at how much pleasure their calendars give me.

2013 Linnea Graphic Wall Calendar (March)

My favorite calendar is a loose-leaf graphic calendar that is meant to be displayed in a frame.  It’s from a firm called Linnea Design.  Each page is a work of art, evocative of the month and the joys of nature.

2013 Linnea Graphic Art Calendar (April)

You do have to take the frame down from the wall every month to change the picture, but afterward you have a 12 beautiful pieces of graphic art that you can use to decorate a bathroom or something.  I was pretty old before I realized that there are only 14 variations in the perpetual calendar, so that you can save and reuse your calendars if you really like them.

Thanks to Paper Source, which stocks all these calendars; otherwise, they might be pretty hard to obtain.

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