Recreation Drive

The exit sign for Recreation Drive in Chicago

Sometimes the only thing separating a jaded Chicagoan from nirvana is a rusty guardrail.

How many times had I looked at this sign without seeing?  Finally, one fateful day, responding to its call, I discovered the glories of Waveland Park, which lies at the end of Recreation Drive.

This large old lakeside park boasts tennis courts, playing fields for baseball and soccer, a nine-hole golf course, access to Belmont Harbor, picnic areas, magnificent lake and city views, and a bird sanctuary.  The lakefront bike and running trail passes through.

In recent years, the golf course, named after Sydney R. Marovitz, a Chicago judge, has been spiffed up.  Golf-carts are available.  Amenities include a decent cafe.  On a recent afternoon, its decks were sporting umbrella tables, where patrons were enjoying sandwiches and beer, without having to be separated from their dogs.

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