The Old Clark-Adams

The Clark-Adams Building, Chicago © 2013 Celia Her City

The Clark-Adams is an old, somewhat down-at-the-heels skyscraper surrounded on all sides by more famous buildings.  On one side is the Rookery, on the other the gloriously ornate Continental Bank Building.  The modernist Post Office by Mies van der Rohe is across the way.

But the Clark-Adams is very much worth looking at, channeling the retro flair of an era when Neoclassicism was about to give way to Art Deco and thence to a more stripped-down, efficiency-oriented style of building.  This is the sort of place where Clark Kent might work.  Inside, is there an office little changed from that era?  At some windows are old-fashioned roller shades and venetian blinds, and double-hung sashes that still open and close.

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