Topping it off right with Pierrot Gourmet

A selection of pastries from Pierrot Gourmet

Our friends Jeff and Elena came over for dinner last night and brought these amazing pastries to complete our meal.  Not only were they beautiful, they were as delicious as they looked.  Excellence indeed!

They were from Pierrot Gourmet, an inconspicuous café a block off Michigan Avenue that is part of the Peninsula Hotel.  This European-style café is a great place for lunch, though its popularity is greater among lady-friends than among the men I know.  Men groan when we praise it or suggest going there, complaining that it’s too expensive and the portions are small.

The evidence is against them when it comes to dessert, because each of these beauties was big enough for two.  The brown one was filled with a milk-chocolate mousse on a chocolate cookie-crumb base, with a center of dark chocolate and candied orange peel.  The tall one was a fluffy cheesecake made with crème fraîche.

It was a marvelous surprise to be given such pastries, and a splendid way to top off a meal.


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