November dawns

The Elks Memorial at dawn, © 2013 Celia Her City

November dawned, though it was not as glorious as this picture.

In truth, it was raining and unusually dark, and I woke up before dawn, worrying.  I was worrying about the world, quite literally.  Everything from crumbling infrastructure to disturbing politics to whether my new Ventra card would work properly.

It being the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo), I even gnawed on the question of whether to begin writing a novel at once.  Yes, November dawned in a veritable stew of worry.  A headline in the Times about the decline of the humanities the perfect dumpling.

In the struggle with life, it’s essential to try to see clearly.  ‘Sight’ meant, of course, metaphorically.  A truth, once discerned, has strength greater than the most deeply rooted tree, furnishing a hand-hold against the daily tornado of change and turmoil.  Inchoate emotions can, with the aid of reason and reflection, be organized into valuable perceptions, without which I couldn’t be mistress of myself, or make sense of my family life or surroundings.

The blessings of Beauty flow in through my senses and infuse me with a hope that no genius can rationalize.  And thank goodness, too.  I’m grateful that a picture taken on October 28th of the Elks Memorial bathed in morning sunlight can stand as a fit proxy for a November dawning.

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