Winter bikers

The winter biker (Chicago), © 2014 Celia Her CityWinter bikers are a special breed.  The diehards continue to bike, even on the most frigid days.   I see them in the Loop as night is falling, mounting their rented Divvy bikes, or pedaling along on bikes that they own.  Their teeth are clenched, faces drawn, their eyes have a wild, unseeing look to them, particularly when they first get going.  Those first few yards register a special shock, as the arctic air whistles against their tender eyeballs, cold muscles, skin. More

‘We resolved to winter there’

"We resolved to winter there"I am waiting at the bus stop on the way to the dentist.  I am directly opposite the old Marquette Building, with its amazing brickwork (if can you call it that when all the bricks are unique to the building itself) and its distinguished old bronze story-boards, with their glorious patina of greenish-grey. More

On the ephemeral

Lanterns, © 2014 Celia Her City.On Presidents Day, snow fell heavily into the evening.  The yard of the country house filled with it, the lanterns illuminating its dimpled surface, peace radiating from its untouched beauty.

In the morning we left without looking into the courtyard again.  The roads had been plowed, and, as we drove, we marveled at how quickly the snow was melting away.  In Indiana, the temperature was 52 degrees.  By the time we reached home, it was nearly spring.

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