Settling, © 2014 Celia Her City
Last year, I spent 103 days traveling or away from home.  Some travel was to Michigan for weekend getaways, some was family related (my parents moved).  Some was the four weddings I posted about.  We even traveled for a special birthday party or two.  There were weekend visits with friends in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the Midwest that I particularly enjoyed.

We hosted a few house-guests when we weren’t traveling, so that our long-distance socializing came out to 120 days.

In addition, I managed to have a bunch of my things moved from my home and a rented storage space to my office.  This was a deed six months in the making that I finally accomplished just before Thanksgiving.

The effects of all this movement have been integrating.  By nature, I’m a female cat who seldom prefers to venture from home.  In a marriage that’s just four years old, however, my husband and I are still knitting our social circles together.  The circles are far-flung, so that takes time.

The surprise is that travel benefits my productivity.  When I travel more, I get more done in the remaining time.  I focus more on structural tasks and the bare fact of accomplishing.  In general, I ruminate less and push harder against the small stuff that used to paralyze me.

It’s a happy development, an answer to the fortune-cookie that once insightfully observed, “Your attention to detail is both a blessing and a curse.”  The road to settling in has been quirky indeed.

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