The razzle-dazzle day

Cinco de Mayo has a private meaning, because it’s the day my husband and I became engaged.  The circumstances that day were nothing like this picture.  Back in 2009, we were in the Warren Woods, far away from any city, and the day was overcast rather than sunny.  In the middle of a woodland walk, we paused to rest on a bench overlooking a silent ravine, where the trees were still leafless and timid signs of life were just beginning to show on the forest floor.

In all my born days, I’ve skirted many conventions and shrugged off others as silly.  On this occasion, however, I was happy to conform, concentrating on being prepared with an answer should Mr. C ask me an important question I was half-expecting.

In truth, I had known from within a very short time of getting to know Mr. C that I could live with him happily.  That quiet and solitary afternoon proved transformational, inaugurating a vibrant phase of life and making each May 5th a razzle-dazzle day.

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