The new grocery store

Night-time construction at Clark and Division, Chicago
All the sudden, several old familiar grocery stores are closing and being torn down.

From my bus stop at night, I can see the work going forward on the site of the old Jewel at Clark and Division.  It was a large store, right next to the el, with a very large surface parking lot.  A few months back, the building was demolished, and now the entire site is being redeveloped.  It is valuable real estate, in a high density neighborhood.  No doubt the new grocery store will be larger, and there will be a parking deck of some kind; and more use will be crammed on to the site, wrapped within a taller building. More

Ellen’s Oscar selfie in the making

Ellen's Oscar selfie in the making
I take a lot of photographs while watching television, whether it’s the Olympics, the Academy Awards, or the State of the Union.  I took over a hundred pictures while watching the Oscars on Sunday.  This was my best photograph.

I love how Ellen DeGeneres tapped into the zeitgeist of our time, creating a popular photographic image that plays on our collective narcissism, love of celebrities, and near-universal mania for selfies. More