Our June bride

The wedding, © 2013 Celia Her City

Today our niece was married in a beautiful open-air ceremony.

The day was hot, and the stylist persuaded CC at the last moment to have her hair put up, its thick coils enhancing the dignity of an already impressively radiant bride.

Seeing her so transformed into maturity and entering gracefully into this important commitment marked a wonderful moment in our family life.  To recall the day of her baptism and compare that new being to this was to appreciate anew the marvelous nature of her journey.  I admire my sister for having raised two such personable and accomplished girls.

The bridal couple chose the historic Fruitlands farm, in Harvard, Massachusetts, for the setting.  This was once a utopian community, where in the 1840s Transcendentalists like Bronson Alcott (Louisa May’s father) sought to achieve an ideal and harmonious style of living.  Choosing a spectacular tract of land, high on a hill with expansive views, there they farmed and planted orchards.

Today, in a tent pitched on that very site, we celebrated the beginning of a new and hopeful enterprise.  May the future of this young couple be studded with felicity and joy!


Going, © 2013 Celia Her City

A happy second marriage has been one of Fate’s more surprising gifts to me.  After a first marriage that dead-ended in misery, the chance of a re-beginning presented itself in the form of Mr. C.

Each of us is a world within ourselves, which only a few others are given to explore.  Mr. C’s universe extends out around a core of rootedness, with security balancing adventure and opportunity.  Through him, my ken has broadened considerably.  New vistas open out, and, when they do, we go.