Rain falling through oak trees.
A crackle of thunder opened my eyes and grey rain fell in sheets through the trees, which were sometimes still and sometimes writhing.  Pebbles and disks of snow bounced to the ground, incongruous.

Tonight, a nearly full moon has risen through a clear sky and these same now-silent trees.  An owl of some kind is bleating with its mate in the dark, a sound new to us and strange.

Over the estuary

seen from the observation platform
The recently completed Galien River boardwalk in New Buffalo spans a beautiful estuary.  Berrien County, with the aid of the Pokagon Fund, created this simple but impressive park.  It features a 60-foot-high observation platform and a long water-level boardwalk, enabling visitors to explore a locale where the waters of lake and river meet.  The observation platform, which juts out from a bluff, offers a panoramic view of the wetland below. More

Grey heron

At the North Pond, I’ve seen great-blue herons, green herons, bitterns, cormorants, and black-crowned night herons, both adult and juvenile, as well as all kinds of geese, ducks, gulls, and other water birds, to the point where I supposed there was nothing new to see.

Grey heron, North Pond (Chicago), © 2014 Celia Her CityOn a recent afternoon, though, I happened to see an unfamiliar bird wading along the west shore of the pond under a tree. More

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