Dewes House tree

Blossoming tree in front of the Francis J Dewes Mansion, Chicago © 2013 Celia Her City

Last time I walked by, the tree in front of the Dewes House was blooming, framing the caryatids.   A swell address, originally built for a German brewer, it exudes baroque style, inside and out.

I’m glad these historical old mansions survive, but this one, however beautiful, stirs desolation in me.  It needs a Kickstarter project to bring it new life–a period drama should be filmed inside it, concerning the original immigrant brewer (41 years of age when he popped for this place) and his family.  I can almost see his restless daughters peering out at me!

Finding ways to live with vestiges of the past can be challenging.  This house was put up for sale in January for $12.5 million, I believe.  Even real-estate groupies admit that as a habitation it might be too much like living in a museum.

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