On Plymouth Court

One of the funny things about the Loop is that it contains lots of streets that have an “out-of-the-way” feel.  The northernmost block of Plymouth Court, off Jackson, is this way.

It’s a backwater that the main currents of the city sweep past, unfrequented except for a valet loitering in the doorway of the Standard Club, waiting for something to do.  Waiting for important people who have business in the federal courts, chauffeured cars loiter, along with the occasional television crew.  Plymouth Court is the green room of politicians, lawyers, criminals: the class of people who make Chicago go.

The only notable thing on the block is this restaurant with its proud paint and retro sign.  It’s called The Plymouth, but it used to be Binyon’s, a very famous hangout that closed in the 90s.  I was too young to remember it, but I found this picture of what it looked like in the 1950s.

Someday I’d like to step in to the Plymouth and ascend to its rooftop deck for a drink.

Historical image courtesy of Chuckman’s Collection.

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