The garden canal

At a remove from the lead attractions in Millennium Park is a small secluded canal where weary people from all over may sit down, take off their shoes, and dangle their feet in a cooling stream.

This man-made water feature, bounded on one side by a limestone wall and on the other by a terraced boardwalk, slopes down from the Pritzker Pavilion, bisecting the Lurie Garden and running toward the southern edge of the Park at Monroe.  The canal is a central feature of the Lurie Garden, whose very entrance can be hard to find.

Which makes dangling your feet in the stream all the more thrilling!  Reaching the stream is like trading one culture for another, leaving behind the city’s bustle for a quiet refuge of a kind you might find in Japan.

Unlike the jubilant chaos reigning over the nearby Crown Fountain in summer, the foot canal is quietly patrolled by guards who enforce its rules.  No standing up in the Canal is the main thing.  Sitting is the rule of the game (though tossing in a coin for good luck is allowed).

When the weather is in the 90s and muggy, few things are more pleasant than the respite that this sweet foot bath provides.

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