Listen up! © 2013 Celia Her City

In the next week or so, Celia will be moving!  Yes, folks, she is moving to a place where there is advertising, but she’s hoping the transition will go seamlessly and that all her friends and followers will keep visiting.

Celia’s URL ( will remain the same, and posts will still go out to all her email subscribers.   (Similarly, Facebook and Twitter followers won’t notice a thing.)  If you don’t subscribe, though, you may wish to now, or take a moment to bookmark the URL.

For those who follow Celia through the Reader on I’ve discovered that WordPress will move all my subscribers for me, so that you’ll continue receiving my posts as formerly.

Any reader can choose to receive posts in a weekly digest.  Email subscribers: just click on the “Manage Subscription” button at the bottom of any email and choose the weekly delivery option.  Within in the Reader, go to the “Blogs I Follow” tab, find Celia under the alpha listing, click “Edit,” and choose “weekly email.”

If Celia’s young friend Zooey can stay calm, so can we.  We’ve heard it’s possible to move without losing a thing!

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