To the pumpkin patch


We needed a pumpkin and, despite the distance, decided to drive out to Michigan.  This was Saturday.

We ended up at Dinges, a family-run farm outside of Three Oaks, which, as far as pumpkins are concerned, is the place to go.

Besides pumpkins, there were wheelbarrows to push, gourds to shake, ponies to ride, kiddie-trains to board, goats to pet, a corn maze to wander, go-carts to drive, Concord grapes to pick.  The Dinges family is famous for mounting a wholesome, homemade, autumn extravaganza–a rural celebration of harvest and Halloween.  The amusements were many, and every kid looked happy.

Arrayed around the central display of Dinges’ beautiful pumpkins were barns selling such wares as various preserves, Indian corn, and painted gourds, and beyond the barns were the paid amusements such as the racetrack and the maze, and beyond the amusements were the fading Michigan fields themselves, their beauty needing no further decoration.

Thank goodness my husband was along, because the clues in the corn maze had a dinosaur theme.  Without him I would have been lost in ‘Jurassic Park,’ quite literally.  As it was, we tracked down all the secrets of the maze and found an invisible lookout at its heart where we could gaze down and admire our surroundings.  Emerging from the maze just as a storm cloud approached, we picked out a pumpkin that spoke to us, and headed home happy.

On the breakfast table sits the pumpkin, waiting to be carved.

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