Seattle Harbor at night

Them (Enormous cranes of Seattle Harbor at night), © 2013 Celia Her City

We shuttle back and forth along the perimeter of Seattle Harbor on nightly visits to my mother-in-law’s.

The route from downtown to West Seattle offers beautiful urban scenery, with views of Seattle’s skyline, its thriving port, and sometimes the mountains that ring Puget Sound.  One sees a little of everything: ferris wheels, cruise ships, space needles (only one of those), vast shipping yards, stacks of freight containers, huge cranes, lumbering freight vessels, sports amphitheaters, crazy waterfront dwellings, festive piers.

I’m usually on the wrong side of the cab to take any pictures, but, one time, when circumstances were right, I did take a few.  They are extremely amateurish but have the merit of capturing some of the charms of the view.  At night, the strange shapes of the harbor glow bright with unexpected color, shimmering in the inky water and sky.

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