The dunes in February

Dynamic ice (Warren Dunes, MI, in winter)
A true winter turns Lake Michigan into territory, with solid surfaces and expanses that are appealingly alien.  After a long stretch of sub-freezing weather, and with more snow in the forecast, we headed out for a visit to the Warren Dunes.

Lake surface (Warren Dunes St Park, MI)
The surface of the Great Lake is almost entirely frozen, an incremental process taking many, many days.  The ice, which forms gradually, is shaped differently each time, capturing the dynamic peculiarities of winds, currents, waves.February dunes (Warren Dunes, MI)
The dune land radiates a soothing monotony, with greys and browns breaking against the snow-blanketed sand.  This day was snowy and heavily overcast, which did nothing to keep the joy-seekers away.

In the trough (Lake Michigan's frozen surface)
For who can resist walking out on the Lake, to trudge a polar surface suddenly so near and so boundless?  And so much cheaper than a trip to the moon!

Large or small?  © 2014 Celia Her CityIf being out on the ice makes one feel small in a way, a nonchalant thrill comes with it, too.

The Lake lies down, is sand-swept, domesticated: stilled and helpless, it must suffer the tread of us humans, who instinctively gloat by snapping portraits and selfies.

Rulers (Warren Dunes State Park in February)Are we large or small, we who delight in our temporarily rule?

White, grey, brown
In fact, conditions were harsh, the wind soon persuading us to head for the car.  In the meantime, many families had come out to sled the dunes.Up the sledding hill
From the comfort of the car, we felt the joy of the sledders on the hill.

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