A beautiful snow

A beautiful snow: West Oakdale, Chicago, street scene

What’s not to like?

The aesthetics of snow in the city are pretty tricky, but Wednesday we woke up to a beautiful snow.  Rain preceded it, so that the snow fell on wet surfaces and clung to everything, outlining the trees, the iron fences, making even boring things much more interesting-looking.  What was rare, the snow stayed stuck the entire day.  Even at night, the tree branches were still glistening with icicle coatings and clumps of snow every bit as beautiful as springtime blossoms.

The first snow of the winter, which falls in November, is always romantic and exciting.  It’s nothing like the snows that fall in January, when we’re all tired of scraping off cars and shoveling, wearing practical but ugly boots, and some of us are even bruised from falling down.  Now, in March, it’s difficult not to feel burned by such a beautiful thing.

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