The new potholes command respect

Chicago potholes look more like craters these days.
Chicago’s new potholes are fascinatingly deep and dangerous.  More like craters than potholes, they have suddenly appeared all over the city, like the pock marks of a virulent disease, democratically afflicting every neighborhood, every thoroughfare, leaving no one immune.

Driving on streets with such craters is like being a pawn in a dangerous game, a reactive pinball careening through a pinball machine.  The stakes are high if you don’t bounce or dodge.  Some of the holes are real axle-breakers.

If you have a picture of a great pothole near you, I would love to see it.  Chicagoans can report a dangerous pothole by calling 311.  Based on this city website, it looks like some 250,000 have been called in.  Wanting to appear responsive and in control, the city has established a “pothole tracker,” a map showing all potholes repaired in the past seven days.  Victory over potholes?  So far this one is too close to call.

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