April’s cold dawn

April's cold dawn, © 2014 Celia Her City
I went out for a walk this morning, hoping to find the lily pond open for the first time this season.  It was bitterly cold out, but the ground had that windswept beauty that tells me it’s spring.  Clouds were moving in from the northwest, while the morning sun raked across the lawn, burnishing its gnarly trees.

I walked south to the lily pond to find the gate closed.  Along the way, birds were singing and fluttering.  The north pond is clear of ice, filled to the brim with what once was snow.  The mallards are back, and the white ducks.  I even saw a coot.  The severe and persistent cold made this winter a trying time for the waterfowl.

The hollow, © 2014 Celia Her City
It was a beautiful morning, but bitterly cold, the earth silently longing for the kiss of spring.

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