Flying west

Flying west, © 2014 Celia Her City
Sometimes flying west, we’re lucky enough to get a clear day, when it’s possible to see the ground between Chicago and Seattle.  This day (April 7) was beautiful, with puffy clouds casting their shadows on the still-brown plains.

Whorls, © 2014 Celia Her City
Later, other-worldly whorls of mountains and clouds came into view.  I feel strange looking at something at once so dynamic and so still.Majesty, © 2014 Celia Her City
Usually we make this trip later in the day.  Often it’s overcast, or night is falling.  This time, however, the sun was shining throughout the flight, and it was just 3 p.m. when we reached Seattle.  The views on our descent were dazzling.

Mountain thru glass, © 2014 Celia Her City
Photographing through an airplane window affects the tonality unpredictably.  The sun striking the window creates a bluish haze, which can be made more prominent during post-processing.  Not every view must be realistic to be true.  I like these flamboyant colors and their subtlety.  Plus, let’s face it, the window was dirty.  The picture looks decades old already.

Unsentimental, © 2014 Celia Her City
Looking at a mountain can be very calming.

Clear-cutting, © 2014 Celia Her City
Clear-cutting was visible during our approach, bringing the mudslide at Oso to mind.  Rescue teams are still looking for bodies.

Layers, © 2014 Celia Her City
At the end of the flight, we glided down above the peaceful waters of the Sea and the Sound.

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