The light in a new leaf

The light in a new leaf, © 2014 Celia Her City
The other day after a walk, my husband and I stopped in at A New Leaf in Old Town, one of my favorite flower shops.

The day was overcast and foggy, and still really quite cold, making it all the greater a treat to step inside this rustic bower, which was bursting with lilies and other fancy flowers—loads of blooming and beautiful things brought in for this week of spring holidays.

Patrons inside A New Leaf (Chicago), © 2014 Celia Her City
The cave-like shop was a fragile oasis, harboring all that was tender and fragrant.  The air inside was good to breathe!

Stepping in from an April street still all too lifeless and drab was a Mary Poppins moment: a leap into a brighter-than-life paradise.  With all its exoticism and unnatural verdure, the flower studio is a precious connection to a distant natural world.  The sight of its bounty reassures me that, yes, somewhere out there, light shines on green leaves, and flowers bloom.


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