The scheme of things

The scheme of things: trees by Lake Michigan on a foggy spring day
A few more pictures from my recent walk with Bob at the bird sanctuary.  So much has been happening in every day!  It is calming to look at photographs of fog, because fog is simplifying.  It emphasizes the scheme of things.

Here, in the park, just a short distance away from the hectic Drive and the stressful busy-ness of Lakeview East, our essential situation in relation to nature can be recalled.  Our position at the verge of great immensities dwarfs our figures.  We are here along the lake, persisting, little different than the silent trees that do their best, enjoying the beauty, enduring the violence, striving to flourish.

feelersWe put out feelers, just like this tree.

Bob and I drove south after leaving the park.  On the Drive, we went by the Lincoln Park lagoon.  Fog shrouded the zoo, creating a muted pictorial masterpiece.  The still water shimmered, reflecting the fog.  Two willows hovered, companionably.

Too little has been written of the social life of trees.


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