Summer, gone too soon

Arthur Wesley Dow oil painting of a blue boat in the grass.

‘Boats at rest’ (1895) by Arthur Wesley Dow.

With the rain that fell yesterday, the last of summer washed away.  The cool air touches our shoulder, alerting us of the turn toward autumn.  Summer, with its blinding yellow flowers, has snuck away.

I worked on my book, traveled to Hawaii, and visited my family.  I traipsed about prairies, admiring the bees.  Circling familiar ponds, I photographed birds.  I ate barbecue (though not nearly as much as I would have liked).

I bought summer sandals, breakfasted outdoors, and chatted for hours with women I love, wondering why some of us can’t be happier.  Where do we find the well of peace?  When do we latch onto a vision of our place in the world that supplies a foundation for order and calm?  Amid the epiphenomena of the seasons, we search for the logic of our souls and surroundings.  One who gleans this in any season is fortunate, indeed.

Arthur Dow’s painting is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Click here to learn more about this beautiful work.

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