Drier’s interior

The interior of Drier's Butcher Shop in Three Oaks, MI.
Many folks went out to Three Oaks, Michigan, over the weekend, where the “Apple Cider Century” was being run.  Over 5,000 cyclists, including many from Chicago, gather to bike a scenic country route of up to 100 miles.  The whole town turns festive, with local shops and restaurants hosting specials for guests.

Yet, for the moment, the interior of Drier’s butcher shop was empty.  The staff were outside manning a makeshift café, grilling their renowned sausages for immediate eating.  The usual crush of customers was on hiatus—on their bikes, presumably.

With fewer distractions inside the historic shop, there was more to see.  A place I think of as cozy and merely old looked downright spooky.  Can you believe I never noticed the pig-headed mannequin, with spots like a dalmatian and a butcher’s body?  Or the walls hung with masks, animal skulls, and bits of taxidermy?

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