The juvenile great blue

Young greyish heron, © 2014 Celia Her City

Who am I?

There’s just one problem with my having seen a grey heron a few weeks back.  Grey herons aren’t indigenous to North America.  What I took for a grey heron was probably a great blue heron in its juvenile stage.

Adult great blue heron, North Pond (Chicago), © 2012 Celia Her City

Adult great blue heron

It’s hard to imagine that the slender, pale-grey bird I’ve been seeing will turn into a great blue heron, which has bronze and charcoal plumage, hunched shoulders, and a powerful neck.

Juvenile heron plumage, © 2014 Celia Her City Yet the light-grey bird is morphing before my eyes.  It’s beginning to look less and less like the photograph of a grey heron that I found online.  As its beak turns dark and it loses its white feathers, it’s showing a strong kinship with the other great blue herons.

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