Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach (Michigan), © 2014 Celia Her City
Yesterday, we went to Cherry Beach for the first time.  It’s another end-of-the-road beach that during the summer you need a pass to get into.

Cherry Beach on the Fourth of July, © 2015 Celia Her CityIt was a perfect day for going to the beach.  Not too hot, slightly breezy, but the water was placid.  The slightly humid air turned the lake into an infinity pool, with indistinct bands of colors at the horizon.

The Harbert beach was crowded but peaceful on the holiday.The beach was much more crowded than it would normally be, but still it was peaceful in the way that crowded beaches can be.  We were there mainly to walk anyway.

Cherry beach horizon (Harbert, MI), © 2015 Celia Her CityWe ended up walking several miles.

The winter eroded many of Michigan's beaches.The winter left many of the beaches eroded.  Not to worry, the Lake’ll probably put the sand back next year.  Every year the shore is different, but it always gives us the sweet combination of large and small things: sand, shells, rocks, a few simple grasses, and of course the water that keeps lapping and chilling our feet.

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