The golf-course trail

Prairie grasses, a water hazard, a bit of the Lake, and the Hancock visible in the distance.
I have a new favorite trail in the park, which I have dubbed the golf-course trail.   It isn’t new, but the newly installed prairie walk at the north end of the Marovitz golf course makes the old secluded trail, which runs between the golf course and the Lake, easier to discover.

Montrose Harbor lights, © 2016 Celia Her City
The trail’s chief charm is the view it offers of Montrose Harbor‘s entrance.  The simple lighthouses communicate comfort and definiteness, setting off the subtle colors and boundlessness of the lake and the sky.

Trail blocks to infinity, © 2016 Celia Her CityThe trail itself is an old service road, wedged between the massive blocks of the sea wall and the old chain link fence delineating the golf course.  The view of the city, several miles to the south, creates the illusion that one could continue on this sheltered path for many miles.  Instead, it becomes much more open and modern in just a short distance, giving way to the more austere poured-concrete terracing that is found along much of the lakefront in Chicago’s parks.

Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline, and the sea wall along the golf course trail.
In any event, the trail is a delightful discovery, and many people were out enjoying it on this overcast but still radiant spring afternoon.

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