American Players Theatre

Last summer, friends in Madison introduced me to the American Players Theatre, which performs outdoors in a picturesque setting near Spring Green, Wisconsin, during the warm months of the year.   The theater, which offers a repertory of plays, was founded in the late 1970s and attracts visitors from all over.

The grounds of the theater are set in a steep hillside.  At the bottom is the parking lot, above which is a thickly wooded picnic area with abundant table seating, where theater-goers unpack all sorts of elaborate picnic dinners and regale themselves before heading up the hill to what proved to be a rustic but not too rustic amphitheater.  (The theater has since been rebuilt and improved in preparation for the 2017 season.)

The audience awaits a performance of "An Ideal Husband" in the Hilltop theater.The night we attended, we saw a wonderful production of Wilde’s An Ideal Husband.  This year, we’ll be seeing A Flea in Her Ear, which Georges Feydeau wrote in 1907.

Crowd leaving the Hilltop Theatre after a 2016 performance.
A procession of happy theatergoers made its way down the hill at the end of the night.

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