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Big changes at London Guarantee

Men working on the facade of the London Guarantee Building, Chicago, October 2014.
The London Guarantee and Accident Building, one of Chicago’s most recognizable landmarks, is being redeveloped.  The massive old building is more or less vacant, and crews are at work all over the exterior, which sports gaping holes where old windows and damaged stone have been removed. More

Pride of place

Pride of place (Chicago), © 2014 Celia Her CityThe number of small businesses in Chicago is dizzying.  They line the long, unbending commercial streets, small fibers of a gargantuan economy.  Some are thriving and cheery; others ugly, halfhearted, even sinister.

This place, Lee’s Foreign Car Service, is a standout on the bland stretch of South Jefferson between Roosevelt Road and the Loop.  Regardless of what the service is like, the meticulous fusion of paint and signs on its exterior is impressive.

That Lower Wacker feeling

A view of Lower Wacker Drive (in Chicago)Taking Lower Wacker is something insiders do.  It’s efficient but vaguely creepy, too.  The subterranean atmosphere, weird light, and ancient metal and grime offer a sharp rebuke to the picturesque sights spinning past on the surface streets and the Drive.

The Ribs of Lower Wacker, © 2014 Celia Her City
A blessed escape from tyranny of the grid, the old-time oddness of Lower Wacker is enveloping, smattered with the ghosts of storied fatalities.

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