Captives of the Pride

Captives of the Pride

Located in the sliver of Lakeview bounded by Sheridan, Diversey, Belmont, and the Inner Drive, our neighborhood is paralyzed annually by the Pride Parade.

If we don’t go out of town, we must choose between staying in all day, or going out all day, because once you leave the neighborhood in a car, bus, or cab, it’s hard to return.  One year we drove somewhere in our car and tried to get back, only to be stopped by the police and told that the roads were still closed for cleaning, even though by then it was at least 6:30.  The roads that remain open during the parade are choked with traffic, so that it’s impossible to get anywhere anyway.

By noon, the air was filled with the sounds of helicopters, honking horns, emergency sirens, distant drums.  We headed for the only refuge we could think of, setting out on foot to visit the zoo.

Zoo goers on a dappled path, © 2013 Celia Her City

Zoo going, © 2013 Celia Her City

About a quarter-mile to the south, it was a haven of peace.  The weather was cool, and we very much enjoyed looking at the exotic animals.  The aardvark, in particular, spoke to me.

Aardvark in hiding, © 2013 Celia Her City

It was a good way to fill the afternoon until the return of peace.

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Silverwood Farm

Silverwood Farm

Last weekend, a friend invited us up to a horse farm in Wisconsin to see a dressage competition.  It was quite a drive–Chicago weekend traffic can be murder–but the weather was gorgeous (though still cold).  The landscape, decked out in the delicate finery of spring, was lovely to behold.

groupiesI had never attended such an event.  I was surprised at the tranquility of the scene.  Seeing the horses and their riders, and walking the quiet paths whose fences bounded the long allées, made me wistful for the days before the automobile.  My thoughts traveled back in time to the Impressionists Degas and Manet, who were fond of painting horses and racing scenes.  It was great fun to be transported back imaginatively into that vanished world.