Super Bowl cookies from Bittersweet

A Super Bowl Cookie from Bittersweet (Chicago), © 2014 Celia Her City.

As the Super Bowl approaches, thoughts are turning to game-day food.  For Chicago tables, may I suggest Bittersweet Bakery‘s Super Bowl Cookies?

Bittersweet’s hand-decorated sugar cookies are technically impressive as well as delicious.  When my husband and I were there over the weekend, the bakery was selling Super Bowl cookies in several shapes: besides the football, there were team jerseys decorated with each quarterback’s name.  We bought one of each and enjoyed them thoroughly.  The icing on the football cookie even incorporates the special colors of the two competing teams!

Located on Belmont near Seminary, Bittersweet is one of the city’s leading bakeries, making custom cakes and cookies to order, in addition to offering a wide variety of classic tarts, cakes, and other pastries to carry out or consume right on the spot in its popular café.  The shop’s seasonal and special-occasion cookies have quite a following, so if you hope to buy some, you may wish to call ahead to make sure they’re in stock.  Making the cookies takes several days.

Bittersweet’s customers have posted almost a hundred photographs of the bakery and its wares on its Yelp photo page.