breakfast room

Breakfast-room dinner

Our apartment is old-fashioned, with a kitchen that’s not eat-in but only for cooking, a too-big dining room, a butler’s pantry (where a butler is supposed to be plating our food), and a cozier ‘breakfast room,’ where we end up eating most of our meals.

Dinnertime in the breakfast room, © 2013 Celia Her City

The table in the breakfast room is beat-up and small.  Its surface is chipped, and its chairs bear the chew marks from when our late dog Barkley, a Chesapeake Retriever, was a puppy.  When it’s set for four, the place-mats touch.  For all these reasons, it’s the place we prefer to dine in with our friends.

Tulips and traveling

Tall tulips in a brown and white vase, © 2013 Celia Her City

A week ago yesterday, I bought these tulips at the outdoor farmers’ market, and enjoyed them for a day.  Then we went to Michigan for the weekend, had some amazing adventures there, and by the time we got home Barbara and Krystina had thrown the tulips away.  Because by that time they were dead, I am sure.

So it has been, more generally, with our spring.  Slow to arrive (and with the temperature today still little better than fifty), the season came and went all too swiftly.  The leaves are all out on the trees, the daffodils and tulips are spent, and Memorial Day is upon us–all suggestions that we are on the verge of summer.  Yet I wish I could have enjoyed my tulips just a little longer.