Sarah’s RIP

Lovers in front of Sarah's on one spring day, © 2012 Celia Her City

I was startled, walking down Oak Street the other day, to discover that the building that housed Sarah’s Pastries was gone.  There is an ugly hole in the block where it used to be.  Its demolition was part of the long-planned redevelopment of the Esquire Theater, a nearby doorman told me.

Sarah’s fare wasn’t the greatest, but its location was outstanding.  It was a place tourists didn’t know about, yet close enough to my haunts to be convenient.  I loved going there when I needed a respite from shopping.  It was great place to people-watch, a quiet refuge for the weary.

There a pair of lovers sat one fine spring day, this photograph the only vestige of an ephemeral scene.

Celia Peers Inside

Celia Peers Inside

The South Loop, where I work, is very old.  There are a lot of old things left over from the past, historical buildings mixed in with the new.  I took this picture in the Fine Arts Building, where from the lobby you can peer into this old café, the Artists Café.  It’s been there for eons.

I happened to take this picture when nothing was happening, the place deserted, which is its general spirit anyway.  Very little changes here.  The food doesn’t improve.  It’s always been mediocre.

Still, it’s cool to look in and see something so archaic.  Many parts of the city are this way.  The parade of progress never marched in their direction.