A moment by the Mart

A moment by the Mart

I happened to be driving along Wacker Drive this evening, and, for once, was truly happy to have to stop for a red light.

I seldom come this way in a car, and this was my one chance to take a picture of the repairs underway on the historic Wells Street Bridge.  Not only did the Merchandise Mart look terrific, as always, but I managed to take a picture of the huge crane that has been used to hoist the massive prefabricated sections of the bridge in place.

The Wells Street Bridge was an engineering marvel when first built in the 1920s.  It is a double-decker draw bridge that carries both car traffic and, on its upper level, the elevated train.  Now most of the bridge is in need of repairs, so traffic has been cut off for a number of days, while old components are removed and the new ones put in place.

People grumble about the inconvenience.

The first phase of the work was completed Monday, as you can see from the el train that is crossing.  The second phase, which will be to replace the south section of the bridge, will require another closing and is scheduled to take place some time next month.

That’s the latest,

Into the golden canyon

Jackson at five is a golden canyon, as commuters hurry along between massive bank buildings and the Board of Trade. The time to make money is over: the clock has been punched, the markets closed; yet just then does the financial district begin glowing with the color of gold.

The man of gold approves

The man of gold approves (Credit: Celia Her City)

Hamilton looks out on a snowy park.  At last, a dusting of white to make his golden figure pop!  He never looks better than against a ground of wintery pastels. . . . And, like so many others, he grows all soft-hearted when contemplating the romantic grey-blue skyline of the city at dusk.

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