Galien River

Over the estuary

seen from the observation platform
The recently completed Galien River boardwalk in New Buffalo spans a beautiful estuary.  Berrien County, with the aid of the Pokagon Fund, created this simple but impressive park.  It features a 60-foot-high observation platform and a long water-level boardwalk, enabling visitors to explore a locale where the waters of lake and river meet.  The observation platform, which juts out from a bluff, offers a panoramic view of the wetland below. More

Sci-fi fish

Several fish, © 2013 Celia Her City

Photographing an animal is damn exciting, whether it’s a snake, a bird, or a human being.  So Celia was thrilled to photograph these fish in the Galien River yesterday.

Sci-fi fish, © 2013 Celia Her City

These photographs, with the contrast adjusted, look like some really bad paint-by-number paintings.  Yet Celia could hardly be more pleased with them.

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The log museum

The dry place in a stream, © 2013 Celia Her City

I’m back in the city, but I may have to keep posting about nature for a while, because now the outdoors is changing almost before our eyes.  Every incarnation is fleeting and very exciting.  Even a long-dead log lying in a stream.

The log’s hollow is a museum of everything dead and dried out from the previous season.  The watery medium in which it rests is a registry of the present, its surface a living digest of the terrestrial, ethereal, and aquatic.

I happened to look down from a foot-bridge, that’s all.  The stream showed me two realities of a tree.