A sense of Seattle

The sound, © 2012 Celia Place

Seattle: Another important dot on my personal map.  A place without prior associations that I’m getting to know.  Sometimes I’m enthused about it, sometimes no.  Since many members of my husband’s family live here (we’ve been married less than three years), their roots largely organize where I go and what I do.


Midwestern Plain

Midwestern Plain

My life is a jumble of places, which shows in my photography.  There are whole genres of pictures having to do with different spheres of my life, adding up to a fractured geography.  There are pictures of my home life in a city apartment, pictures of a vacation house in the Michigan woods, pictures of a farm my husband owns, tame pictures of a city that’s really wild, pictures of the places I’ve lived, and far-flung places my friends and family live now. More