Massachusetts magic: the Stanley Cup

Keepers of the cup

At the end of our first day in the Berkshires, we turned on Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final, just in time to see our home team’s last-minute comeback over the Bruins to clinch the trophy.  “You can put it to rest,” I kept saying to the set while Chicago trailed. “It’ll all be over if you can just get a goal.”  Suddenly it was, as the Hawks surprised everyone by scoring two.

The Bruins, their fans, the announcers fell quiet.  The jubilant Hawks lifted the gleaming Cup high.  We whooped with delight, naughty as children, conscious of being in Bruins’ territory.

Time to stop shaving

Overhead shot from Game 5 of the series between the Blackhawks and Kings (Screen shot from Channel 7 coverage)

Having scored a thrilling sudden-death victory over the LA Kings in double-overtime, the Blackhawks are advancing to the final round of the Stanley Cup, where they’ll be facing the Boston Bruins.  I’m strictly a post-season fan, who’s enjoyed seeing the Hawks’ amazing struggles against the Red Wings and Kings.

What I love is how superstitious the players are.  The Hawks players have stopped shaving, and, when presented with a trophy for winning the Western Division championship, clustered about it warily, being careful not to touch it and thus jinx their chance at touching the Stanley Cup.

Will we be seeing more playoff beards around town, as Hawks fans stop shaving in support of their team?