The gloomy grandeur of the Pittsfield Building

Interior hallway of Chicago's Pittsfield Building, © 2013 Celia Her City

After my visit to Toni Patisserie, I wandered into the Pittsfield Building, a sort of museum piece when it comes to architectural glory.  Built in the 1920s, before the Great Depression, the Pittsfield is an instance of retail magnate Marshall Field’s broad and enduring impact on Chicago. More

The shrine of St Frances Cabrini


A few years back, the old Columbus Hospital on North Lakeview, shuttered for nearly a decade, was razed to make way for a 39-story luxury condominium complex.  Towering over its neighbors around the North Pond, the Lincoln Park 2550, as it is called, is finally complete, after begin under construction for two or three years.

Despite the radical transformation of the 3.25-acre site, the shrine to the American saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, which was part of the hospital complex, has been preserved.  More

Breakfast-room dinner

Our apartment is old-fashioned, with a kitchen that’s not eat-in but only for cooking, a too-big dining room, a butler’s pantry (where a butler is supposed to be plating our food), and a cozier ‘breakfast room,’ where we end up eating most of our meals.

Dinnertime in the breakfast room, © 2013 Celia Her City

The table in the breakfast room is beat-up and small.  Its surface is chipped, and its chairs bear the chew marks from when our late dog Barkley, a Chesapeake Retriever, was a puppy.  When it’s set for four, the place-mats touch.  For all these reasons, it’s the place we prefer to dine in with our friends.

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