Millennium Park

The pillar grins at night

The pillar grins at night

Pretty much everything in Millennium Park is kitsch rather than art, in my opinion, excepting perhaps the Lurie Garden.  The ickiest elements in the Park are the two “interactive” light pillars that are part of the Jaume Plensa-designed Crown Fountain.

The fountain is unquestionably a big crowd pleaser, with its no-holds-barred water attraction, but the pillars are grotesque and intrusive, and we residents are stuck with them 24/7.  They could have been so much better!  No one talks about how they have absolutely no aesthetic charm on three of their four sides.

What’s your opinion?

Thank you, everyone

Ice skaters, Millennium Park, Chicago (Credit: Celia Her City)

Thank you to everyone out there, whether in California, London, or Jakarta, who has been visiting my blog and taking the time to check out its photographs and written entries.  I really appreciate your comments and praise, and, even more, our casual “conversations.”  A special thanks to my 78 followers–I can’t quite figure out what you all have in common, but I’m very grateful for your company as I wander around this grand if lonely city!

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Snow in the city

Snowy corner (Credit: Celia Her City)

At last some snow has fallen in the city.  It was brief, but, while it fell, it fell fiercely.  I always look forward to snow, because it muffles the clamor of the city, bringing a degree of peace by slowing it down.   Riding the bus along Michigan Avenue was more enjoyable than usual, because the snow jazzed up the ordinary views.

Nieman's (Credit: Celia Her City)


The new Burberry store, Chicago (Credit: Celia Her City)

The new Burberry store.  (That pedestrian hurried by without even looking.)

The Brooks Brothers store on Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Credit: Celia Her City)

Brooks Brothers.  I’m afraid I’m a dreadful sentimentalist when it comes to snow.

Though the snow was falling heavily as we passed Millennium Park, by the time I reached my destination, it had stopped.  I’m so glad I happened to be outside to see it.  Who knows whether we’ll get any more snow this season?

Snow falls on Millennium Park (Credit: Celia Her City)

By Millennium Park (Credit: Celia Her City)