Midtown morning

The view from my hotel room at the Sheraton Midtown, Minneapolis, September 2014
The day after the party, I drove up to the Twin Cities to visit my parents and sister, while my husband flew to Seattle to visit his mother.

Every time I go to the Cities, I stay in a different hotel.  This time I stayed at the Sheraton Midtown, which agreed with me.  I particularly liked the view out my window in the morning, the early light gradually warming an ordinary urban scene, of people waiting for the bus and the still cold cars waiting for their owners.

Acme factory

Acme factory

Driving around a strange city, Celia finds herself near the Acme factory.  Is this the place where all those Road Runner contraptions were made?  The opaque factory, with its peeling paint, unreadable purpose, and everyman name teases us to react, whether with curiosity, amusement, or self-righteous dismay.  Acme has the effrontery to operate in America, thriving on entropy, mystery, and decay.

Acme factory xray (Minneapolis), © 2013 Celia Her City

Remarkable barn

Remarkable barn on Interstate 94 (Wisconsin), © 2013 Celia Her City

Yesterday I drove from Chicago to Minneapolis, where my parents will be moving in July.  They live out east now, but, with the move to the Twin Cities, they will be nearer my younger sister and her family.  I’m worried about their move–they’re elderly–so I’m here mainly to inform myself about where they’ll be living and to understand whether anything can be done to smooth their transition.

I drove up alone, so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for photography, but I did stop to make a phone call at a rest area an hour or so above the Dells.  Looking around, I happened to see this remarkable barn.  If you enlarge the picture, you can see it better.  It has a tower which I suppose was used for loading wheat or hay onto or off of wagons.

It was a beautiful drive up through Wisconsin.  The fields are turning green, with the crops coming up in healthy, even rows.