Chicago’s Trump Tower: Is it for the birds?

Trump mirror wall, © 2013 Celia Her City

I think it’s the best mirror-wall in the city.  I’ve written enthusiastically before about the Trump Tower.  Now I see another aesthetic reason to like the building.

I fear, though, that its mirror-cladding poses a new threat to birds.  Our newest glass skyscrapers are so mirage-like that many birds probably die flying into them.  If this is something you know about, will you let me know?

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Visual jazz

Reflections on the mirrored facade of the Stone Container Corporation building, Chicago, © 2013 Celia Her City

The facade of the Crain Communications Building gave me something to study while my bus was stuck interminably at the intersection of Michigan and Randolph.  Built by the Stone Container Corporation circa 1980, this generally bland (but nonetheless immediately recognizable) tower eventually came to be known as the Smurfit-Stone Building, until the Crain’s people bought it in 2012.  I’ve read that it’s just been put on the block again.

The sculpture in front, by Yaacov Agam, is called Communication X9.  Honestly, I’ve passed by this building many many times and never seen it looking anything like this.  The reflections on the windows inside the bus added another layer to the fun-house feel.