By Lincoln Park Lagoon

The lagoon by the Drive (Chicago), © 2013 Celia Her CityAn extensive ‘inland’ view of Chicago can be had by the side of the Lincoln Park Lagoon.  This is more or less an imaginary lagoon: a photo-composite in which a familiar vista has been fantastically altered.  Here, the straight-sided lagoon has been transformed into something like one of the canals that thread through Fort Lauderdale.

Chicago would be exponentially more beautiful if its layout were more curvy.

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In Praise of the Drive

Along the Drive, © 2012 Celia Her CityIt’s all too easy to grow blasé about the city.  I live in a congested neighborhood, where any drive or commute can turn into a hassle; and, all too often, I start out on it stressed out or weary.

Regardless of my mood, I can never be entirely blasé when I’m on Lake Shore Drive.  Not only is it fun if you’re behind the wheel, but everything you see is absolutely beautiful: the architecture, the Lake itself, the parks and landscaping.  The Drive has a zillion moods and zones, and let’s not forget the people-watching. . . . The Drive is like a beautiful necklace adorning our city.

This panorama shows the path that the Drive follows on the near north side, as it threads along the Gold Coast, with the beach on one side.

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A sense of Seattle

The sound, © 2012 Celia Place

Seattle: Another important dot on my personal map.  A place without prior associations that I’m getting to know.  Sometimes I’m enthused about it, sometimes no.  Since many members of my husband’s family live here (we’ve been married less than three years), their roots largely organize where I go and what I do.


The Big Picture

Panorama of Lincoln Park Conservatory and Gardens (Credit: Celia Place)

I’ve been obsessed lately with trying to take a decent picture of the Lincoln Park Conservatory that does justice to its setting.  I’ve tried going there at different times of day, but the shadows can be distracting and it’s difficult to find the right vantage that does justice to the building, the central fountain, the gardens, and the statue at the foot of the scene.

I jumped off the bus last night on my way home to take a bunch of pictures to photoshop into More