Thank you, everyone

Ice skaters, Millennium Park, Chicago (Credit: Celia Her City)

Thank you to everyone out there, whether in California, London, or Jakarta, who has been visiting my blog and taking the time to check out its photographs and written entries.  I really appreciate your comments and praise, and, even more, our casual “conversations.”  A special thanks to my 78 followers–I can’t quite figure out what you all have in common, but I’m very grateful for your company as I wander around this grand if lonely city!

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Celia Redesign

One of Celia's desks

Folks, please consider giving feedback on the design elements of my blog.  Celia is going to be getting a facelift.  Do you find the current design friendly to photo-viewing, reading, and commenting?  How do you think it could be improved?  Do you like or dislike the pinterest-like theme?

I really like the compactness of the current theme, and the fact that posts look good on smaller devices; but I am thinking of moving back toward something more minimalist and open.  I want to be able to caption photos, and these looked better when I was using the theme ‘Modularity Lite.’

Any thoughts?