Red Arrow Highway

Power dog

Power dog

In our continuing quest to find the world’s best Chicago-style hot dog, we’ve found a contender out in Harbor Country.  Honestly, this was the best hot dog I’ve ever eaten.

Nani's mug, © 2013 Celia Her City

The name of the place is Nani’s, on the Red Arrow Highway in Union Pier, MI.  It’s a new place, opened last season, that only now is getting a reputation.  Besides hot dogs done various ways, Nani’s offers a shrimp roll and Italian Sausage.  In the morning it sells muffins that are made on the premises: Bacon-Maple Muffins, Lemon Rosemary with Pine Nuts . . . . a changing selection of exotic muffins that are cultivating a following.

The counter at Nani's in Union Pier, © 2013 Celia Her City

The menu includes dogs done various ways, vegetarian and non-meat offerings, and sides like pineapple cole slaw.

The hot dogs (Hebrew National brand) are all served on a buttered and toasted New England-style bun.  The standard toppings, which were excellent, were all freshly made.  The topping variants on offer are intriguing.  Will we try the “Egg Roll Dog” or the “Sweet and Spicy Dog” (with sriracha, pineapple cole slaw, jalapeños, bacon, and garlic mayo) next time?   Hm.  Don’t think I can pass on that Chicago style.