Trump Tower

Chicago’s Trump Tower: Is it for the birds?

Trump mirror wall, © 2013 Celia Her City

I think it’s the best mirror-wall in the city.  I’ve written enthusiastically before about the Trump Tower.  Now I see another aesthetic reason to like the building.

I fear, though, that its mirror-cladding poses a new threat to birds.  Our newest glass skyscrapers are so mirage-like that many birds probably die flying into them.  If this is something you know about, will you let me know?

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Rush-hour Wrigley

Rush hour around the Wrigley Building, © 2013 Celia Her City

Rush-hour traffic snakes along the Chicago River.  Rain and mist dim down the city, reducing movement to a crawl.  How long will we be?  With each breath of the bus’s sodden passengers, its windows steam.  The compass-point of the Wrigley Building bleeds into the general gray, seeming to recede.  The Trump Tower does its Flatiron impersonation.